What if it rains on my wedding day?

December 13, 2020

Rain rain go away. Rain always seems to bring a sense of doom and gloom to brides and grooms waiting for their big day. Of course we get it, you want your day to be absolutely perfect, blue skies and not a cloud in sight, but if we’re talking realistically here, especially in wonderful Wales, there is always that chance of rain, even in the middle of summer. Of course there are some drawbacks and negatives surrounding rain, reminded by good old Alanis Morissette’s Ironic (All together now, ‘It’s like raiiiiiiii-eeeeeee-aiiiiiiin on your wedding day’) but there are some amazing opportunities and benefits to having a rainy wedding day that are so often overlooked. The best thing to do is to embrace it, none of us can control it, so let’s focus on the sole reason why everybody is gathered in the first place! To celebrate love and happiness whatever the weather.


  1. Dodge the Showers

It may sound simple but it’s too easy just to panic or feel upset at the sight of rain on your wedding day. None of us can control but what we can do is have fun with it and capture your day exactly how it was. Quite often on a rainy wedding day, there will be at the very least some breaks between the rainy showers. If you’re willing to head outside for some epic shots and then run for shelter when the skies open, then so are we! This photo from Lizzie and Greg’s wedding is a prime example of a showery day. We managed to dodge the majority of showers and capture one final shot in front of St Augustine’s before the rain came down. We purposely left the raindrop in this shot to be reminded of the ‘RUN!’ moment as the rain came from nowhere and our Bride and Groom sheltered in their wedding car to head onto Fonmon Castle. That raindrop tells the story and we hope that Lizzie and Greg will look at their photos in years to come remember their run to cover!

Wedding couple kissing outside St Augustines Church | Penarth | Cardiff Wedding Photographer

2. Make use of your venue

Even if you have the sunniest day it’s always nice to utilise your venue, besides, it will hold a lot of memories for you as this is where you will celebrate your marriage. This is where a pre-shoot at your venue can come in useful so you can scout out your venue with your photographer and try out some shots that you’d maybe like to recreate on your wedding day. Regardless of the type of venue you’ve opted for, with a little bit of lighting, maybe some coloured gels, mirrors or a prop, you can create some shots to treasure from the warmth and comfort of the indoors. The below example was taken at Jury’s Inn Hotel Cardiff with Maria and Marek who were a joy to work with. We turned what could be seen as a simple bar area into a lovely reflective photo to take centre stage in their album!

3. Embrace it

Sometimes one of the best things you can do is embrace the storm and have fun with it. In Zoe and Craig’s case, when we say ’embrace the storm’ that’s exactly what they did as Storm Dennis decided to pay a visit. Lauren had pockets stuffed with giant freezer bags for the ultimate weather proofing of our flashes so we could get those stormy clouds in, we were ready and prepared for whatever Storm Dennis could throw at us. We think Zoe and Craig absolutely rocked their wedding day and are the perfect example of a couple grabbing rain by the cloudy horns!

 4.. Use doorways, arches and reception areas

This is the part where you get to stay warm and dry whilst you send your photographer out to brave the elements! Doorways and entrances can make beautiful photographs, especially in the dark and the best part is you don’t even have to get wet! Take this example from Hannah and Steve’s amazing winter wedding – they were lucky enough to have a pretty dry day throughout until some evening drizzle. We asked our couple to stand in the doorway whilst once again we whipped out the plastic bags and headed into the rain. I’m sure you’ll agree the rain didn’t spoil this shot in the slightest!

Wedding couple standing outside The Coal Exchange | Cardiff

5. Good old umbrellas

Yup. The umbrella. Part of embracing the weather includes whipping out a brollie in true British style. We always carry some clear and white umbrellas to use as part of our couple shots (Secret, we even use them when it’s not raining! They make great photos!). Grabbing some clear umbrellas from primark for your bridal party or ordering a bulk pack from ebay is never a bad idea if it seems that rain is looming. We don’t tend to share our Jammie Dodgers but we share our umbrellas now and again 😉

6. Trust your suppliers

Your suppliers will be used to battling the elements, photographers included. We’ll let you into another secret – the lighting of an overcast day is often far nicer than a blazing bright sun that can cause harsh shadows (don’t worry though, our flashes can sort that). As we mentioned above we come armed with covers for our equipment, rain coats up to our chins and sturdy boots to battle the elements as well as a plan A, B and C. Trust your photographer to look after you whilst capturing some awesome shots come rain or shine.

Vale Resort wedding | Spring Wedding | Big wedding | Young couple wedding | Creative wedding

So the long and short of it is – embrace it, have fun with it and don’t panic! Have a chat with your wedding photographer before your big day about your plans, indoor shots and if you’re happy to run outside at any point if the showers break. It’s about you and your day so it’s important that you feel comfortable and at ease, whatever the weather! If you have any questions about rainy day weddings then feel free to get in touch!


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