Fonmon Castle Wedding Photographer

May 31, 2021

Lizzy and Gregg


The Venue

Built in the 12th Century, Fonmon Castle has been transformed over the years into a stunning residential home and a gorgeous wedding venue for couples who want to feel like kings and queens of the castle for the day. The venue boasts a beautiful ceremony room that can easily host a small wedding ceremony. There is also a unique marquee to the side of the building for your wedding breakfast, first dance and of course… the disco!

The Ceremony

The couple decided not to have their ceremony at Fonmon Castle due to Gregg’s family traditionally getting married at St Augustines church for more than four generations. We met the anxiously waiting Gregg at the church where we took the opportunity to get some groom prep photographs. “Take your jacket off and put it back on”, “Walk towards me guys” and ensuring the groom had a little bit of banter thrown his way by his groomsmen.

Right on time, Lizzy arrived in her beautifully decorated Volkswagen Beetle with her father Roy; who was anxiously waiting to walk his daughter down the aisle. A short but lovely service was ceiled with the exchange of rings and a kiss. The couple had requested a very specific photograph of them walking down the aisle which Greggs family have had for many weddings before, ensuring we caught that grand architecture behind.

The couple walked outside to their family with handfuls of confetti (Biodegradable of course) to cheer them as they walked down the steps to Lizzy’s florally decorated VW Beetle. We even made a GIF of them during this fun filled moment, which you can checkout on our Instagram page here.

The Wedding Reception

Driving towards the entrance to Fonmon Castle, Oliver noticed an awesome field that was filled with hay-bails. Te breaks were quickly applied (safely of course) and he whisked the couple in to get what would be the front cover to their wedding album (See if you can find it here).

The couple had a large number of guests for the wedding reception (100+) who all wanted to be in a group photo together. Well, we never backdown from a challenge, so with the use of the caretakers step ladders we got the shot!

Just before the wedding breakfast Oliver took the couple off for some couple portraits; utilising Fonmon Castles beautiful architecture to truly capture them as King and Queen of the castle.

Food Time! If you have read some of our other blogs or even spoken to us, you will know we love food. Lizzy and Gregg had chosen a hog roast (Bella’s Hog Roast) for their wedding breakfast and we are happy to report it was gorgeous. And we cannot forget those tear jerking and belly laughing speeches from Gregg and the couples family and friends.

First Dance

We try and make each of our couples wedding photos unique to them and Lizzy and Greggs wedding was no exception. Oliver decided to light the marquee with a blend of colours to emphasise the rustic feel the band were creating. The couple were very happy when they received their edited photos back.

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