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May 3, 2021

Planning your wedding day can seem very exciting at first but can soon become overwhelming. Especially when you begin booking suppliers, arranging tasting sessions for your wedding breakfast, dress fittings, deciding who to invite etc. We have seen some very organised couples that with colour coded wedding planners, filled twith colour palettes, fabrics, ideas and lists longer than my arm.

This has made us think how we can help strategise/streamline the wedding planning process. We began researching ideas, maybe a cork board, checklist stuck to the fridge or even a strict timeline/countdown. But we soon realised the best planning alternative was staring right at us… the mobile phone! With a couple of searches we discovered a world of wedding apps that could be utilised to organise the wedding planning process.


Bridebook app demo on phone

Bridebook is the UK’s number 1 wedding app for couples planning their big day. Sitting comfortably in your pocket and is completely free! After opening the app, begin by entering your wedding date, this will narrow down your search. The app is jam packed with wedding venues/suppliers, making it potentially overwhelming. So make sure your wedding date is entered ASAP to narrow down and personalise your search. Bridebook allows you to create the ultimate personalised checklist, shortlisting your desired suppliers/venues. It also ensures you to stay on track with bookings/decision making with a timeline. One of the most important things about a wedding is the cost! Bridebook have recognised this and have included a great budgeting tool. The tool allows you to enter your overall budget and keep track of your expenses. The Bridebook app is also filled with useful tips and tricks, sparking greater creativity.

BrideBook Link : Click Here

Appy Couple

Appy Couple wedding app demo

A new trend of a wedding website and/or private facebook page has emerged. This allows the couple to relay information updates to their guests. This doesn’t come without its problems however, as creating a website is very stressful and not everyone likes using facebook. This is where the Appy Couplewedding app comes in. You can create a personalised wedding website with no need to code or spend extortionate fees.Notifications can be sent of any updates to your wedding schedule to all of your guests at the same time. Appy couple gives you the ability grant access to guests. Your guests can then share photos and see your wedding day timeline updates. This app, in our opinion, is the perfect tool to keep all of your guests up to date with your wedding plans.

Appy Couple link : Click Here

Pixieset App

Pixieset app demo

This is a personalised app that we (Oliver Rees Photography) create, within all of our packages, for you to download. This app will contain all of your favourited images from your professional online wedding gallery. This download link can be shared with friends and family for free and they can even purchase some prints. This is a great way to gain instant access to your professional photos, to post on social media and show friends.

Seat Puzzle

Seat Puzzle app demo

Tying in nicely with Bridebook is Seat Puzzle. Planning your wedding day can be simplified using these apps but there will still be stress when organising the seating arrangements. We have to make sure that nan is happy where she is sat and that everyone gets along nicely on your special day; something that can be difficult to manage when it comes to seating plans. Seat Puzzle is the perfect app to visualise your wedding breakfast layout and you can share your drafts with your guests on Bridebook to ensure everyone is happy.

Seat Puzzle link: Click Here


Pinterest app demo

It wouldn’t be a wedding without a good old pinterest board! We personally love pinterest for ideas and to ignite our own creativity (Checkout Our Pinterest page here). So we always highly suggest our couples create Pinterest boards of their favour ideas for details, colour schemes, flowers, smoke bombs, fireworks and essentially anything else that will make their wedding day personalised to them. Pinterest is also a brilliant way of looking at D.I.Y projects that couples can engage and be creative with, creating an increased level of excitement leading up to their wedding day.

Pinterest app link: Click Here

Paperless Post Invitations

Paperless Post Invitations app demo

A modern and environmentally friendly way of inviting your guests to your wedding day is with the Paperless Post Invitations app. This app allows you to use templates and/or create your own personalised invitations, sent by email to your guest. Theres 50 free invites with most templates! Paperless Post Invitations allows you to track which guests have opened the email invitation and who hasn’t. Therefore, you can efficiently chase up any guests that haven’t opened the email.

Paperless Post Invitations app link: Click Here


Etsy app demo

If you wanted something more tangible however, we would highly recommend you take a look at Etsy. This app/website is filled with loads of creative businesses that can cater to all of your creative wedding needs. A good way to judge the quality of a businesses product on Etsy is by taking a look at the customer reviews. Etsy is definitely a cost effective way to truly personalise your wedding day.

Etsy App link: Click Here

We hope that you found this blog useful and that it helps you effectively plan your wedding day without any stress or times of feeling overwhelmed. Feel free to checkout our other blogs that are packed full of useful information (Blogs).

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This blog was inspired from a photography friend who came up with the original idea and was something we wanted all of our clients to benefit from, as this is such a great use of technology! Feel free to checkout our friends website Alex Buckland

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