Our Style

How we capture your day

Being a South Wales wedding photographer, our whole ethos is based upon building relationships with our couples. We will be your best friends on the big day and instead of being called “the photographers”, we want everyone shouting Ol and Laur; as if we have been best friends for all of our lives.

Our signature documentary style doesn’t involve us hiding in a tree however. Couples book us for our fun and engaging personality, which is exactly what you should expect on your wedding day. We are there to tell your story, through moments that you may not have even known had happened. Capturing nan cutting shapes on the dance floor, uncle bob doing the air-guitar with a tie around his head. Because its those moments that make your wedding day unique and special to you.

Let’s remove the stigma behind the photographer taking the couple away for hours on end, leaving family behind. Through years of experience, we have developed a seamless method of capturing those perfect wedding portraits without any awkward posing or large amounts of time away from your wedding guests.

Without sounding cliché, being a wedding photographer is truly the best job in the world. That once in a lifetime moment you have asked us to capture, it truly is one of the greatest privileges you could ever ask for.

Yes they may just be things to most people. But to us, they represent months of planning, thought and most importantly lots of emotion.

That wedding invite that have accents of your wedding day. Those shoes you have been wearing around the house to break in. The engagement ring that sparked the start of your wedding journey. Them perfectly crafted earrings that complement your wedding dress. And not forgetting the perfume that your partner will remember having your first kiss to, every-time you wear it after your special day. 

Yes they may just be things to most people. But to us, they represent months of planning, thought and most importantly lots of emotion.  

 Which is why we take pride in providing our couples with not only priceless moments shared between loved ones. But also timeless images of your wedding details that you wore on your wedding day.


Weddings are one of the only times that all of your family and friends will be in the same place at the same time. We absolutely love capturing those immediate congratulations shared between you and your family after you say “I do” and the sheer joy they have showering you with confetti. But also those moments that you didn’t even know had happened such as the kids getting to play beer pong, nana looking absolutely besotted as you walk back down the aisle or even all the grandparents having a ball on your big day.

The Wow Shots

South Wales Wedding Photographer

The shots you scrolled through our instagram and knew you wanted for yourself.

A lot of our couples come to us and say “we aren’t very good at posing” or “We hate having our photos taken”.

Let’s face it, the last professional photo that we can all remember having is the dreaded end of year school photo. The one where you sat on that uncomfortable chair and told to scream that delicious dairy product on the top of your lungs. More than likely going through a hair styling crisis that you thought was amazing but cringe looking back on.

We promise to make your feel comfortable in front of the camera. You will naturally find yourself bumping into each other, bear hugging and jumping into your partners arms, whilst taking a walk through your favourite place with us.

Being from the welsh valleys we truly appreciate the importance of family, thats why we want to keep you away from your family for as little time as possible. Book in a call with us to see exactly how we capture these breathtaking couple portraits without keeping you to ourselves all day.

Party Time

If you have taken a look at our About us page then you will know that we offer wedding day experiences which means no set time limits. The whole reason we don’t have set time limits is the fact we really love weddings and the disco is most definitely one of our mosr favourite parts.

Everyone is relaxed, had plenty of food and a couple of drinks (some more than others…). Mix all of that with an 80’s mega mix and you have yourself one epic party. The photos we get from the wedding discos are so fun, nan dancing with the grandkids and uncle dave doing the air guitar with his tie wrapped around his head. WE LOVE IT!

Not to mention we enjoy a good party too and you will typically find Oliver up on the dance floor breaking some moves as well.

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