How to be the perfect wedding guest: An Etiquette Guide

You maybe thinking that there isn’t anything to being a wedding guest and that all you need to do is dress up and have a great day of food, drink and partying. You would be very wrong to believe that! There are very important rules that you need to know about and abide by before and throughout the wedding day.

So please take note of these 10 top tips on how to be the perfect wedding guest!

1.Complete the RSVP!

If you are married yourself then you know just how stressful the wedding panning process can be! So it is very important you respond with your RSVP as soon as possible, ensuring that all sections are filled out correctly.

Don’t go back on your word either! Weddings are very expensive and very emotional moments in a couples life. They have spent months if not years perfecting their dream wedding day and the last thing they want to see is a row of empty seats because you didn’t bother turning up without any valid reason.

2. Send a wedding gift

It doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant but a wedding gift will go a long way for the wedding couple. It shows your appreciation for them inviting you to their special day, to share the memories with them and not to mention pay for your meal!

Accompany this gift with a wedding card sharing some kind words for the newly wed’s for them to read following their special day and to keep the excitement alive!

3. Be on Time!

Under no circumstance should you be late the wedding ceremony, unless you have a genuine reason that you couldn’t make it to the ceremony on time you make sure you get there. Plan ahead, look at the roads on google maps to ensure there’s no diversions that can cause a delay. Leave early and arrive early! make sure you are seated well ahead of the ceremony time.

4. Keep track of your drinks

Weddings are the perfect opportunity to let your hair down and enjoy the day with your friends and family. But be mindful of how many you are having throughout the day and know your limits!

By all means get drunk in the evening following the first dance but please don’t get too drunk prior and potentially cause an un-wanted distraction on the couples wedding day.

5. Don’t interrupt Speeches

Like with point 4, please don’t become an un-wanted distraction during the speeches. These have been prepared well in advance of the wedding and are normally very emotional parts to the day, where the couple remember loved ones who are no longer with them.

They are also very anticipated moments with usually quite high expectations, especially when it comes to the best mans speech. The last thing they need when they are anxious is someone shouting out and making them lose track of where they were.

So please be respectful and enjoy the wedding speeches, joining in when there’s laughter and applause and not shouting out mid-speech.

6. Mingle with other guests

Don’t be a Billy no mates on the wedding day. Get involved with other guests and family members. Break the ice, yes its awkward but after a few drinks in the evening you will be doing the Macarena with them like you’ve known them your whole life.

Guest interaction also makes for amazing candid wedding photos which the wedding couple have more than likely chosen their wedding photographer for.

7. Don’t get in the photographers way

The wedding couple would have booked their wedding photographer for a plethora of reasons including their style, experience, personality, coverage and overall experience. Please don’t bring a huge DSLR camera with a load of lenses or even worse, the dreaded iPads!

The photographer will have it all covered and will allow you to take photos after they are done with what they need to capture. The last thing we need as professionals is wandering eyes because the couple don’t know who to look at first.

8. Don’t hide from the camera

Candid wedding photography is one of the most popular styles and also the most fun to capture. The wedding couple will have chosen their wedding photographer to capture all of the wedding party and not just the couple on their wedding day. They want to remember all of those moments that were shared between their loved ones which they may have indeed missed due to the hectic nature of the wedding day.

So embrace the camera being near by and don’t hide from it when It is pointing at you. We want to see that natural laughter.

9. Don’t assume your kids or spouse are invited

A very awkward one but when you receive your RSVP please don’t assume your children or spouse are invited. Some couples want a child free wedding day and that is completely their choice which needs to be respected by everyone.

So if you are unsure just check in with the couple well ahead of the wedding day so childcare can be arranged if necessary.


This is a huge no no on a wedding day! Unless the couple have explicitly requested that you wear white then you avoid it at all costs.

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