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Let’s talk about smoke bombs

So you have been on our instagram or have been pinning to one of your many Pinterest boards and are now thinking of having wedding smoke bombs on your wedding day. I mean why wouldn’t you, they are a very fun idea to inject some more colour into your wedding day and they make for some interactive group shots. But there are some things you need to know about before deciding on whether to have smoke bombs at your wedding or not.

What to do if you want smoke bombs on your wedding day?

Check with your wedding venue is the most important thing you can do before your big day. Smoke bombs are classed as pyrotechnics and some venues don’t have the appropriate licensing/insurance for them to have smoke bombs on their premises. It is also common-courtesy to check as they do have the potential to cause cosmetic damage if lit close to a building.

Tell your photographer in advance

Let your wedding photographer know that you are having smoke bombs on your wedding day so that they can plan ahead and decide where and when is best for the smoke bomb photography to happen is, on your wedding day.

What smoke bombs should I buy for my wedding?

There are loads of wedding smoke bombs to choose from on amazon varying greatly in cost but from experience we would highly recommend you buying Enola Gaye Smoke Bombs. These give the most colour and the safest experience.

Do smoke bombs stain clothes?

Yes! smoke bombs are primarily designed for action sports such as paint balling and not so much catered for wedding days. The smoke colour is created from powdered paint and you will most probably be wearing a white dress or a nice suit. So put the two together and you will become very colourful very quick. So to avoid the dress being stained we suggest setting the smoke bombs off behind you in the direction of the wind to avoid a colourful disaster.

Are smoke bombs dangerous?

It depends! Smoke bombs get very hot when the ring has been pulled and can ignite in flames, so if you intend on holding the smoke bombs then yes there is an element of danger involved. However, if you just want them set off behind you then they are more than safe enough to have some cool wedding smoke bomb photos with.

Safety first

Your photographer is not responsible for your safety around smoke bombs and should not be expected to supply them either. You should take appropriate precautions prior to the big day including your choice of location etc.

The photographer may also refuse to take the smoke bomb shot if they feel that the situation isn’t safe i.e., some guests have had one too many to drink.

It is also advised that you have a metal bucket of water on standby to ensure no dry grass catches fire when the smoke bombs are finished with, as they do get very hot.

How to take awesome smoke bomb wedding photos

  1. Decide if you want to hold them and have a fun walk or if you prefer a posed shot with the smoke bombs in the background
  2. Buy more than you need. Smoke bombs are also a great idea for night time shots (see below)
  3. Have Fun! These smoke bombs last ages so make sure you have a little dance with your partner and be sure to smile
  4. If you are holding them make sure you hold them high so the smoke doesn’t cover your face
  5. If they get hot, throw them behind you (we would’ve already cleared the area for you to do that)

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