The dream team.

Wedding photographers, real life couple and with you every step of the way

You’ll probably spend more time with us than that distant cousin you had to invite – it’s important you get to know us! We’re with you every step of the journey whether you need help with planning, somebody to vent to or just a chat so you feel totally at ease with us on your big day.

A little bit about us

It is far too tempting and generic as a wedding photographer to talk about nothing other than us as a business and why we think we are the best South Wales Wedding photographer. But we believe it’s far more important for you to read about who you are going to be chatting to for the next 12+ months and spending an entire day with on your wedding day.

You may have noticed that the word “WE” is mentioned a lot throughout the website. Thats because our business is made up of two people,.. Oliver and Lauren. Celebrating our 9th anniversary together this year! (Lauren is very patient) and photographing weddings for 5 years, we couldn’t be prouder of what we have achieved already.

We are a proud auntie and uncle to Oliver’s brothers dog Trev. If your dog is going to be at your wedding, expect to be able to have an entire album of dog photos!

Coffee is a must when Oliver is around. None of that fancy stuff with a millions syrup combinations, just a strong flat-white. If you want to chat with us in person lets grab a Starbucks and flick through some albums and talk all about your wedding day plans.

We have had the pleasure of photographing weddings across the UK at several amazing wedding venues. Here are a few of the many wedding venues we have captured weddings at (CobblesCanada LodgeCourt Colman ManorFairy HillElmore CourtSt FagansLlanerch Vineyard and so many more!). A job of a wedding photographer is a truly amazing one!

We absolutely love our job and the stories we capture for our couples (Real Weddings). Seeing our couples reactions to their wedding photos brings us so much happiness, as we want you to be able to relive your special day for years to come

How did we get here?

We opened our business

At the age of 18, over a tomahawk stake in the local Beefeater (living our best life). Oliver Rees Photography was born.
August 2017

Completed an A-level in photography

A qualified “professional” photographer… or so we thought. Just like driving, the real test begins after you get your license.

We photographed our first wedding!

Carolyn and David will always have a special place in our hearts. Looking back, putting their trust in us to photograph their wedding day was such a humbling thing.
August 2018

A whopping 5 weddings!

This was the year we really began understanding the wedding industry and how to run a business.

The year the earth stood still

Just as we began to flourish, a virus had other ideas and saw us, along with many other small businesses, grind to a halt.

We didn’t sit and wait though, oh no! we had work to do. Learning all the important bits of being a wedding photographer that has helped set us apart from the crowd.

What a year!

Late 2021 we were released back into the world! Photographing 24 weddings in total before lockdown 2.0 was enforced on us all.

2021 was the year that made us. Touring all across the UK, making sure every single one of our couples had the best wedding ever.

The busiest year yet…

We moved into our first home together! A monumental moment in most peoples lives and one we are both so proud of. It wouldn’t have been possible without the effort we have put into making our small business what it is today.

Photographing over 30 weddings, we made it through the season.

The pride we both share in owning this business has never been greater.

To be continued..

Theres one thing for certain. Wedding photography has become the focal point of our lives and we simply couldn’t see a life without it.

Let’s see what the next chapter will look like.
The future

Our Purpose

Our goal as your wedding photographer is to capture your wedding day as you envisioned it to be. So you can look back on your wedding day, laughing at moments that you didn’t even know had happened (nan playing beer-pong) and being blown away by our signature wedding couple photos. There’s a reason that people leave us glowing reviews and thats the experience we provide each and every single one of our couples and their families.

Our Journey Together

Frequently Asked Questions

What to ask your South Wales Wedding Photographer

Where are you based and do you travel?

We are based in a town in South Wales, near Cardiff. We do travel and love discovering new venues and meeting new people. We do implement a £150 travel fee for weddings beyond a 60 mile radius so we can cover any overnight stays we may need.

who will be there on my wedding day

It depends on the scale of the wedding and events throughout the day. Oliver is the primary photographer for the day and will cover prep-first dance, he’s covered lots of weddings as a solo photographer and is more than capable of capturing every moment. For larger weddings, bigger venues or a fast-paced day, Lauren will likely assist on the day with lighting, bags, group shots and catching extra candid shots at speeches. You can add a second shooter if you feel you want to capture even more memories or both preps and we can advise you on this.

How long does a wedding photographer stay for?

All day! We arrive when you tell us to arrive and we leave when you tell us to leave. Luckily we can get Coronation Street on demand so there’s no need to rush off 😉

How many card slots do your cameras have?

All of our cameras have 2 card slots inside so that means your photos are constantly being backed up to a secondary card. To take that one step further, we perform backups throughout the day onto a hard drive to minimise any risks.

Should you feed your wedding photographer?

Yes please! Sometimes we can go 8-10 hours without food – it’s a little bit of a whirlwind of a day! We kindly ask that food is provided for our team (A maximum of 3 people if you have a second shooter). We don’t expect a three course meal at all, we just request some sandwiches or a bar meal and a soft drink/water to be made available to us so we don’t have to go off-site in search for food. We’ll take a food break when you and your guests sit down to eat and perform a photo back-up during that time. Oh and did we mention we love the evening buffet 😉

How long will it take for our wedding photos to be edited?

We aim to get all of your images back to you in a password protected online gallery within 5-8 weeks following your wedding day. However, we get very excited and can’t wait to edit a couple, so you will always have a sneak preview within 24 hours after your wedding.


We are indeed. You can request our documents should your venue ask to see them.

Can we meet you before the wedding day?

We always offer a free consultation before booking as it’s so important to make sure we’re the right match. We spend a lot of time with you on a high day in your life so you have to like us! We keep in touch on the lead up to your day and love a cuppa and a chat.

me and my partner are getting ready in different locations. CAN YOU COVER BOTH PREPS?

If you’re both getting ready at the same venue, yes. If you are in separate venues or want complete coverage of both preps we would advise investing in a second photographer.

How many photos will I get?

We deliver a minimum of 400 photos on a typical full day. The number of photos is dependent on so many elements – type of ceremony, number of guests, how much time you want to dedicate to couple photos, seasons and whether you have added a second shooter.

But first, lemme take a selfie.

Arguably one of our most important photos of the day. Just a snapshot of some of the most amazing couples we have had the pleasure of capturing (Yes Oliver wears his green shirt a lot haha)