We are a natural and artistic wedding photography business aiming to provide a unique and professional service to our couples. Providing you with natural, candid moments shared between loved ones along with those artistic couple portraits which will get everyone in the room talking.

Being a South Wales wedding photographer, our whole ethos is based upon building relationships with our clients. We want you to feel comfortable around us and basically become your best friends on the big day. Our pre-wedding photoshoots are the perfect opportunity for us to get to know each other better and to find out more about your wedding day. We don’t want to be known as “the photographers” no, we want to be known as Ol and Laur. Give us a shout and we will be there to help in any way we can.

When we say we are a documentary photographer, don’t think Oliver will be camouflaged in a tree however. You book us for our fun and engaging personality and that is exactly what you should expect on your wedding day. You will see us, Oliver won’t be photographing from miles away. Our documentary style is one of telling your story, through moments that you may not have even known about. A story that will highlight your wedding day from start to finish in one of our stunning albums. (Why not take a look at our albums).

Our mission is to remove the stigma behind the photographer taking the couple off for hours on end, leaving family behind. No, we encourage family members to come with us, Oliver always needs someone to hold his lights and tell his awful jokes too. We also want your guests to take photos, our rule is simple “I take one, you take one”, let Oliver get the shot and then we welcome all guests to take a picture. We are strict at weddings however, no one wants an iPhone in the middle of an aisle shot.

Being asked to photograph your wedding day is a true privilege to us. We love weddings! the morning preparations, those intimate moments, confetti, cheering and not forgetting the disco. (checkout our FAQ’s to find out Oliver’s favourite song). That once in a lifetime moment you have asked us to capture, it truly is one of the greatest privileges you could ask for.

How we will photograph your wedding day

Being in front of the camera can be very daunting and is why we spend so much time building up  a relationship with you prior to the big day. We want to become your friends, who you will  invite into your wedding day with open arms. Our couples have always made us feel right at home at the start of the day, with some even making us a cuppa when we arrive! (Oliver is a huge coffee lover). We will capture the day as it unfolds, getting those natural moments that you didn’t even know had happened, including mum and dad welling up over their baby getting ready get married.

We don’t just focus on those jaw dropping couple portraits, although they are amazing. We want to truly capture everyones personalities on your wedding day. So you can belly laugh at Uncle Bob on the bouncy castle, whilst flicking through your gorgeous wedding album.


You would have spent weeks, months or even years planning your wedding day from the venue right the way down to the biodegradable confetti. So to us, it is really important that we capture all of those important elements on your wedding day. From photographing many weddings, we have developed a strategic timeline of a wedding day that enables us to capture everything. Whilst you are having your makeup done, we will be photographing the dress, invitations, jewellery and other little details. Whilst you are enjoying a few refreshments outside, we will be photographing all the details of the reception room. Whilst you are tucking into your three course meal, we will be taking the time to photograph your wedding rings, bouquet and so much more. We really do ensure every detail is captured in a unique and creative way.

The wow shots

Our couple portraits are more than likely what drew your attention to our website in the first place. This is where we shine as a couple, both of us come from a creative background and as a result we come up with some fantastic pre-planned ideas that will get those jaw dropping couple shots.

A lot of our couples come to us and say “we aren’t very good at posing” to which we reply “great! because we hate posing anyway haha”. Through our experienced direction you will naturally find yourself bumping into each other, bear hugging, leaning in for a kiss, nestling each-others noses, going in for a cwtch and not forgetting jumping into your partners arms. All of our couple portraits start with a gentle walk whilst chatting to one and other. We find that this gets you comfortable and ready for some more intimate portraits.

Being from the welsh valleys we truly appreciate the importance of family, thats why we want to keep you away from your family for as little time as possible. Like we tell all of our couples in our consultations, we will take you away for three 20-30 minute stints. After your ceremony and group shots, we will take you for some couple portraits around your ceremony venue. Then when the sun starts to set we will go for a walk around your reception venue and any other requested locations near by to get that stunning golden hour glow. Then just before your first dance, we will go outside to get some creative night time portraits which you will be blown away by. To us, family is the most important part of any wedding day and we want you to be around your family as much as possible.

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We are more than just a wedding photographer

Photographing many weddings over the past couple of years, we have come across all sorts of questions. Some of these aren’t photography. So we have gone away, done our research and created a plethora of useful blogs. These blogs contain budgeting tips, weather worries, organising tips, entertainment ideas and so much more.

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