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About Canada Lodge and Lake

One of the most popular wedding venues in South Wales, situated on the outskirts of Cardiff. Canada Lodge and Lake is a perfect venue for a relaxed wedding day.

Encapsulated by trees and embellished with a grand lake, this unique wedding venue is always a pleasure to return to capture so many beautiful weddings.

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Canada Lodge and Lake is only a stones throw away from where we live and being one of the more popular wedding venues we go to. This popular wedding venue comes into its own during the summer months with the ceremony room highlighting a beautiful backdrop whilst you say “I do” and the outdoor space being plentiful for big wedding parties.

We have created this page for you to see if we are the perfect photographer to capture your wedding day at Canada Lodge and Lake.

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You have likely posted on facebook (other platforms are available) something along the lines of “Canada Lodge wedding photographer near me?” or “Recommendations for the best Canada Lodge and Lake wedding photographers?“. Before you know it you have 50+ comments and 10 unwanted private messages from photographers sharing their website and the kettle hasn’t even finished boiling yet!


There are more things to consider when choosing your perfect Canada Lodge wedding photographer than what you may think. Keep scrolling to see all of these important details broken down step-by-step, for you to decide what type of wedding photographer you really want.

We understand that not one package suits every wedding couple. A series of set and fully customisable wedding photography packages to suit all couples. Click the button below to enquire with us about your special day plans and we will get back to you.

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Planning your Canada Lodge Wedding

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