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You have probably stumbled across this blog whilst looking for wedding styling inspiration or looking for a wedding styling supplier (Keep reading to find loads of amazing wedding stylists). This is a very important part of your wedding day as it ties everything you have dreamed of together in one cohesive style and colour palette.

Although wedding styling itself isn’t the key topic of this blog but rather the issues that can be created from a wedding photographers perspective with the lovely centrepieces you choose to sit on the bridal table. As a popular South Wales Wedding Photographer we have photographed many weddings with a variety of wedding table centrepieces, with some creating more of a challenge than others. Lets dive a little deeper…

Wedding Centrepiece problems

A very traditional part to most wedding days is the speeches, with the iconic bastmans/bestwoman’s speech where the groom gets an absolute grilling from their best friend in front of all their friends and family.

We love wedding speeches and capturing those candid moments of embarrassment, laughter and sometimes sadness shared amongst the wedding couples wedding party. However, wedding centrepieces can become a problem in regards to both lighting and overall wedding photography.

The magnificently tall wedding centrepieces that you have chosen to style your room with, although beautiful, are a wedding photographers nightmare when it comes to lighting and wedding photography. Those grand flower centrepieces create the perfect obstacle that creates obscure patterns of light on your faces and not to mention a barrier between me and you.

Wedding Centrepiece Ideas

So after reading the above you may have reconsidered what centrepieces you are going to style your wedding reception room with. If this blog hasn’t changed your mind on the centrepieces that you are going to have at your wedding that’s absolutely fine, being an experienced wedding photographer allows us to combat any situation thrown at us on a wedding day. The smaller centrepieces just make our lives easier when trying to capture those amazing candid moments.

So with the above points in mind, we would like to provide some examples of ideal wedding centrepieces to have on your wedding day.

  • Flower Arrangements
  • Lanterns
  • Postcards
  • Countries of the world
  • Engagement shoot photos
  • Disney Movies
  • Favourite drinks

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