Why is it so important to credit wedding suppliers?

The world of Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and even Twitter has opened up endless possibilities to wedding suppliers to promote themselves and others, with minimal expenditure or time. Enabling your wedding business to flourish and ultimately result in reaching your goals/dreams earlier. There is a huge BUT however, and that is CREDITING!

Imagine this for a second, someone walks into your studio, beauty salon, baker, florist etc., Selects and utilises one of your products/services but then proceeds to leave without paying! Or even worse, they modify your product/service to what they perceive as better. You probably wouldn’t be very happy and that’s putting it politely, in all honesty you would be P***ed Off!

Well that is exactly what it feels like seeing your work posted on social media platforms by another wedding supplier with no crepitation for your participation in the image or a double whammy for a wedding photographer: No crepitation and complete photographic manipulation of your images through social media filters.

How to properly credit wedding suppliers

  • In the caption – This is one of the most simple yet most important parts to crediting your suppliers correctly in a social media post. It isn’t enough to just hide their tag in the body of the text. It is imperative as a wedding supplier to make a list of all suppliers with dedicated titles at the end of the text/caption.
  • In the Image – When you are posting an image that a wedding supplier has had involvement in creating then it is important that you tag their business directly to the part of the image e.g., Bouquet, Dress, Suit etc. That specific supplier has provided. Because without that, the image wouldn’t have been possible. So when a potential client clicks on the image they can immediately see who provided what for the image to even exist in the first place.
  • In your stories – Instagram stories have become a crucial component to a successful social media page. So when you are sharing yours or a post that you have been correctly tagged in, it is important to acknowledge all suppliers in the story i.e., “So great to work alongside @suitsupplier, @weddingdresssupplier, @oliverreesphotography”.
  • In the location – Being a popular South Wales Wedding Photographer has only been made possible through lots of hard work on our website and photographing at stunning wedding venues across South Wales, which have kindly tagged us in their posts. This is where all wedding suppliers need to have a basic understanding of SEO.

NOTE: Some Wedding suppliers don’t have instagram accounts but you should always type in their full business name so that a potential client can go and search for the on google!

Should you bother tagging wedding suppliers?

If you have gotten this far then you probably understand and appreciate the importance of tagging wedding suppliers appropriately in your social media posts. But here are some thoughts to strengthen that appreciation a little bit further.

Wedding suppliers are essential

Without all of the wedding suppliers involved in a wedding day, the image you are planning on posting wouldn’t be possible. Every supplier is integral to the creation of that image and they should be rewarded with appropriate accreditation.

New Wedding Couples

Unlike most industries, wedding suppliers clients permanently change. Most couples hope that they will only ever get married once and as a result, will only ever need our wedding services once. This is different to most other sectors where there is a continuous return of the same client/customer for the product you sell. So wedding suppliers are constantly in search of their next couple and the main way most of us achieve this is through social media marketing. Therefore it is so important that you tag these suppliers in your social media post the wedding industry is about community and definitely not competition.

Respect the wedding photographer

Wedding photographers are so hard working, putting in the hours to arrange the relationships between suppliers, working the longer of the shifts on a wedding day and putting in the effort after the wedding day to ensure the edit is perfect and that all wedding suppliers get images for promotion.

So please do not ask your wedding couples for the photographs because put simply, it just doesn’t look professional at all. Wedding photographers are typically more than happy to share their images with you in return for credit on social media and on your website. Do not go editing the image either, even though you are involved in making the photo opportunity a reality, it is not your image to edit. just remember the customer modifying your product in a shop we mentioned at the start of this blog!

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