Engagement photoshoots have become a very common part of a couples wedding photography journey. Being a Cardiff Wedding Photographer, we have captured many engagement shoots at so many beautiful locations in Cardiff and the rest of South Wales. However, you have probably stumbled across this blog because you may want to know: what is an engagement photoshoot? and/or should I have an engagement photoshoot?

Engagement photoshoot of a couple walking along the beach front at Southerndown - Cardiff Wedding Photographer

What is an engagement photoshoot?

An engagement photoshoot is one of our most favourite types of shoot to capture. Put simply, its an hour+ worth of fun with your chosen Cardiff Wedding Photographer at a destination of your choice. They are so much fun to capture and are in fact one of our most favourite shoots to be a part of with so much creative freedom to capture some truly breathtaking Cardiff engagement photos.

What is the point of having an engagement shoot?

Engagement photoshoots remove any fears of you feeling ‘Awkward’ in front of the camera. We hear far too often during our consultations that couples feel awkward whilst having their photos taken or even hate having their photos taken.

Being an experienced Cardiff Wedding Photographer we are able to remove these fears during an engagement shoot by highlighting to them that the best kind of photos are when the couple are just being them. No awkward posing or massive lighting setups, just raw emotion shared between you and your partner.

St Fagans engagement photoshoot

Do you really need an engagement photoshoot?

No! You really don’t!

That may come as quite a shock, you’d think a wedding photographer would want to sell their packages to you right? Wrong, our goal being a Cardiff Wedding Photographer is to ensure our couples are happy and their needs/expectations are met.

There are a lot of perks to having an engagement shoot which you will find out below! But they are not essential for you to have as its also important to stick to your wedding budget.

5 Top reasons to have an engagement photoshoot

So we have gone over what an engagement photoshoot is and why you should potentially consider having one. Now is time to talk about all the perks to having an engagement photoshoot by discussing the 5 top reasons to have an engagement photoshoot.

But first, have another engagement photo…

Building a relationship with each other

Being a Cardiff Wedding Photographer is far more than just taking awesome photos at loads of Cardiff weddings. Its about building relationships with our couples that go beyond the wedding day and turn into lifelong friendships.

Let’s face it, you could be spending unto 12+ hours with your wedding photographer on one of the most important days of your life so far. It’s important you get along with and feel comfortable around them. Engagement photoshoots are the perfect way for both you and your photographer to get to know each other.

Showcase yourself on your wedding day with awesome pictures

The photos from your pre-wedding photoshoot are perfect for centrepieces and/or guest signature books on your wedding day. They are talking points at the wedding table and add a personal touch to your wedding day.

Seeing what works

Some ‘poses’ (we use that word lightly) don’t work for everyone but its better to find that out before your wedding day right! The last thing we want is you feeling awkward on the big day when you’re meant to be on cloud 9

Visit a location that means something to both of you

You don’t want to be driving here, there and everywhere on your wedding day. The venue you have chosen may not even be anywhere near another place that means a lot to the two of you that you’d love to have some stunning photos at. This is where engagement shoots are amazing, you get to dress up, have loads of fun and get some stunning engagement photos at a venue which means the world to you both.

Involve your fur babies

Some wedding venues don’t allow dogs but as dog lovers ourselves, we know how important those little rascals are to you. They are part of your family and shouldn’t be left out of your wedding journey memories. A pre-shoot allows you to get some stunning photos with you and your puppa.

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