What is an un-plugged ceremony?

So you maybe asking yourself “what on earth is an un-plugged wedding ceremony?

Everyone, including ourselves, has an un-confessed obsession with their mobile phones. Checking likes on instagram, reading what auntie maureen is babbling on about on facebook or even checking the news on the more adult-ish platform Twitter. We get it, no one can be without their phones anymore but there is one exception and thats your wedding ceremony!

Think about this for a moment, its your wedding day and the day you have been building up in your imagination since a child. The day you have spent countless hours planning and perfecting to ensure it is the best day ever. You have probably even booked your wedding photographer because you fell in awe with their style. Then you walk through the doors and onto the aisle to see a crowd of mobile phones, ipads and cameras pointing at you.

Everyone is watching your special moment through a 7 inch screen instead of being in that very moment with you.

Not the best scenario is it!

So that is exactly what an un-plugged wedding ceremony is. NO PHONES, CAMERAS or IPADS!

Make sure your wedding guests are living in the moment with you and let your wedding photographer capture all those precious memories and reactions shared. You have paid us to capture your day, so you don’t need 20 poor resolution iPhone backups.

Why should I have an un-plugged ceremony?

  • Your wedding photographers will be able to capture your wedding ceremony in their jaw dropping style that you fell in love with when booking them. There is nothing worse than seeing all of these gadgets pop up when you walk down the aisle. Phones are ugly, distracting and shouldn’t be anywhere near a wedding ceremony.
  • Your wedding guests aren’t stuck in the ether. When taking photos/videos on your phone you aren’t actually acknowledging whats going on but rather ensuring you get “the shot”. So make sure your wedding guests are there to share your special moment with you.
  • You get to see peoples faces as you walk back down the aisle instead of the back of their phones with those pop out hand holder things.
  • You won’t have any awkward phone calls during your wedding ceremony which can definitely change the mood quickly.
  • People can cheer and clap when you say “I do” as they won’t have their prized possession in their hands.

How to plan an un-plugged wedding ceremony?

There is so much to plan when it comes to your wedding day that your wedding ceremony can actually be un-intentionally forgotten about. I mean the registrars/celebrants know what they are doing so why do you need to worry?

But this is the one moment in the day that is the reason people are there for. To see you get married! So ensure you do the following steps:

  • Tell the registrar/celebrant that you want an un-plugged ceremony and to make an announcement before you walk down the aisle.
  • Put it on social media or on your wedding website
  • Write on your wedding invites that “This is an un-plugged ceremony and no phones, cameras or ipads are to be used or seen
  • Show them our website and reassure your wedding guests that your wedding photos are in safe hands with us. We kinda know what we are doing…
  • Let them know they will have access to your wedding gallery (if you want to that is) so that they can download and print pictures for their fridge and mantlepiece.
  • Most importantly, tell them to have fun and embrace your wedding ceremony.

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