Southern Down beach has become a key location for our engagement photoshoots with beautiful castle grounds and breathtaking coastal scenes making the perfect backdrop. However, the rest of South Wales also clicked on to this hidden gem on the day of these guys photoshoot. Trying to find a car-parking space felt like queuing for a ride at Disneyland and believe us when we say we would have paid anything for a fast pass!

After a couple of laps of the 10 foot carpark, we finally found a space and with that the fun began. Hannah and Patrick were absolutely amazing, we had such a good laugh whilst capturing some stunning moments. They definitely tested our fitness levels though! Climbing up the side of mountains and long walks across the beach front. These guys being avid cyclists made it look easy, we on the other-hand had come to the realisation we were maybe eating too many wedding buffets!

We cannot wait to capture these guys wedding day next year at Cobbles Deli and Kitchen where we will get to have even more laughs and breathtaking wedding photos.

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