We love every single one of our engagement photoshoots, with Natalie and James’s engagement photoshoot at Swansea Three Cliffs Bay being no exception. This lovely couple are getting married at Fairy Hill by Oldwalls, making three cliffs bay a perfect location to bring those wedding day feelings come to life.

When the couple booked in for their engagement photoshoot, they immediately asked me what time of day was best for photographs. This questions is one we love to answer, as most would think that the middle of the day when the sun is out would be the best time… But this is for the best part, completely wrong. If you want to take a closer look at the best times of day for wedding and engagement photos, then take a look at our The Best and worst Time’s of day for Wedding Photos blog. So with the information from that blog in mind, we decided on 7:30pm.

Natalie and James wanted to bring their daughter Demi and new puppy Cooper. To which we said an immediate YES! We love family shoots and we love dogs, especially puppies! The family arrived in the closest car park we could find (National Trust Car Park) and we began our lovely evening walk to the beach. this is the perfect time for us to get to know our couples better and make them feel relaxed for their photos. Immediately getting the camera out can be quite daunting so we always like to have a chat and laugh before we begin the shoot.

The family had never been to Three Cliffs Bay before and their face was a picture (no pun intended) when they saw Three Cliffs Bay for the first time. We have to admit, the views are breath taking!

Cooper was like a kid in a sweet shop, immediately running into the sea for a paddle and Demi was eager to be our HLS (Human Light Stand) but not quite so keen on watching mum and dad kiss haha. Natalie and James were a tad nervous to begin with, we are not fans of posing our couples and so we like to keep things fun and relaxed. We always start with asking our couples to go for a walk and pretend to be tipsy, bumping into each other and giggling to themselves. This allows us to get some lovely natural photographs without a camera being in our couples faces.

Natalie and James immediately felt relaxed after a brief walk along the beach and were ready to have more photos taken. They were moving easily between bear hugs, skipping, twirls, aeroplanes etc. By the end of the shoot they couldn’t get enough of the camera haha. And of course we had to get Demi and Cooper in for some lovely family photographs too! Although Cooper seemed to want a big hug off of me (Checkout the photos below), those hugs were very welcomed.

To end the shoot we took a little hike up to the top of Three Cliffs Bay for a more dramatic set of photographs with the stunning sunset lighting the couple up with beautiful colours. It was an absolute treat photographing Natalie and James’s pre-wedding photoshoot at Three Cliffs Bay and we cannot wait to photograph their wedding day at Fairy Hill. We think we have our second shooter slot already filled with Demi looking forward to using our cameras to take some lovely photographs of mum and dad on their wedding day.

Kind Words from the couple

So yesterday evening we went for our pre wedding shoot. We had such an amazing time thank you Oliver Rees Photography for making us feel so comfortable and at ease in front of the camera. Cannot wait for the big day to arrive now. Highly recommend this guy. He is amazing. With in 20 minutes of arriving home very late at night he sent us a few pictures. Not to mention he has won the hearts of both demi and cooper. ☺. Thank you so much. Xx

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