How long do photographers take to edit wedding photos?

One of the questions that many couples have when planning their wedding is how long will it take for their wedding photos to be ready. This is an important question, as most couples are eager to see the photos of their big day as soon as possible. However, delivery timelines to this can vary depending on a number of factors which this blog will address.

But first let’s discuss a typical wedding photographers process.

  1. Culling wedding photos

This is the first step following your photos being backed up after your wedding day. This is a timely process depending on the amount of photos taken by your wedding photographer on your special day. If you have booked a second shooter then this number can increase even further!

Culling is a process that involved meticulously going through all photos taken on your wedding day and selecting all of those that meet the standards of the wedding photographer. This includes removing any photos with people blinking, bad lighting (yes that happens to all photographers) or even duplicate images.

  • 2. Editing

Some photographers may offer a “sneak peek” of a few edited photos soon after the wedding day, which can give couples a preview of what to expect. However, the full set of edited wedding photos may take longer to be delivered.

It’s important to keep in mind that the quality of the editing is more important than the speed. A good wedding photographer will take the time needed to carefully edit the photos to make them look their best. Rushing the editing process can result in lower quality photos.

To get a better idea of how long it may take for your wedding photos to be ready, it’s a good idea to ask your photographer about their editing timeline. Some photographers may have a specific timeframe outlined in their contract, while others may be more flexible.

Wedding photography editing in lightroom
  • 3. Refinement

Just like when you are at work staring at a computer screen can make your eyes very tired. A professional wedding photographer will complete editing your wedding gallery and will return to it the following day with fresh eyes to ensure all colours are perfectly balanced.

  • 4. Post-process

This involves using several softwares to optimise your wedding photos for you to see on your online gallery.

These are Just a small selection of the softwares that are used in the post-processing stage!
  • 5. Gallery delivery

The moment has finally come where your gallery is delivered to your email inbox for you to cwtch up on the sofa and view with your partner.

This 5 step wedding photo editing process take in the region of 6-12 weeks depending on the photographer and some additional factors to consider below…

But don’t forget!

Your wedding photographer will also be busy capturing other weddings after yours is over and will have other things to keep on top of including website maintenance, accounting, meeting new couples, advertisement and also trying to squeeze a little bit of downtime into the mix.

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