One of the most common things we hear couples say when they book a meeting with us is ” We never take good photos” or ” We aren’t good at posing in front of the camera” or even “I hate having my photo taken”.

Our immediate response is that we guess you have never had your photo taken by a professional photographer before then? We all take bad photos on our phones mostly due to the wrong angle, a miss-understanding of vantage points (photography term for composition) and typically the lighting is always poor.

So to deal with this concern we have created our 5 top tips on how to rock your wedding photos !

1. Choose the right photographer

There are so many wedding photographers all over Cardiff and across the UK that it can become difficult to choose. One of the main deciding factors is cost but we suggest that you also learn to know the person. This is why we offer 1 hour meetings before you book with us (arrange a call). Your wedding photographer will be spending 12 or even 16+ hours in our case with you! So its crucial that you actually get along and feel comfortable. If you don’t feel comfortable in front of your wedding photographer it will definitely show in your images. Personally we like a bit of banter with our couples and to have a laugh, as we have found this is when the best images are created.

2. Don’t pose yourself

You are booking a wedding photographer with huge amounts of experience, so let them do their job and pose you correctly. Personally we take a very relaxed approach when it comes to posing and instead we try to turn it into some fun by saying “pretend you’re tipsy and walk towards me” or “Whisper something into your partners ear”. What you won’t have noticed is that from them two simple requests alone we would have captured a minimum of 10 different “poses”.

3. Homework

If you haven’t already take a look at our blog on wedding planning from your phone! One of the apps we suggest in here is Pinterest (feel free to take a look at some of our boards). We highly advise our clients link us to some of their boards on Pinterest as it will give us an idea for your theme; whilst giving you some “posing” ideas. Take time to work with your partner, go into the back garden and practice some and become confident doing it.

4. Book a pre-wedding shoot

Book a pre-wedding/engagement photoshoot with your wedding photographer. This is the perfect opportunity to establish what works for you and how your photographer takes photos. We always advise our couples to book a pre-wedding shoot (Book) at a location of their choice and to just take the opportunity to have fun and allow us all to get to know each other more.

5. Don’t Smile…. Laugh!

From basically day one on this planet (if you were born in the 90’s and before at least) you were always told to say “CHEEEEEESSSEEE” in front of the camera. Not only does this make for an un-natural photograph but also it becomes ingrained in us into adulthood. Speaking on behalf of most wedding photographers, we don’t want you smiling like that, its very very cringe! No, instead we ask our couples to laugh out loud. Don’t ask us why just do it and let us capture the magic!

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