Oldwalls Gower Wedding Photography

Oldwalls Gower Wedding photographer

About Oldwalls Gower

The venue that started the Oldwalls Collection and the one which set a new standard for wedding venues. Set in 50 acres of charming Welsh Countryside, with picturesque landscapes and only a short distance from the coastline. Oldwalls Gower is the perfect location for your dream wedding day.

Oldwalls suits all sizes of wedding parties with the main reception being able to host up to 200 guests for your wedding breakfast.

This luxurious wedding venue is the perfect option for a relaxed yet highly sophisticated wedding.

Hiya! I’m Oliver,

The best description of me is a coffee loving, Greggs connoisseur with an enthusiasm for cars. I am the proud uncle to my brothers dog Trev. If you bring your dog to your wedding, I will probably be found taking selfies with them…

I truly believe I have the best job in the world, the feeling I get every time I see my couples reactions to their photos is indescribable. To top it all off, I get to share this journey with my partner Lauren who assists on the wedding day and helps with all the behind the scenes stuff.

The wedding venue that started it all, Oldwalls Gower will have a special place in everyones heart who has been lucky enough to visit the Oldwalls Collection.

We have created this page for you to see if we are the perfect photographer to capture your wedding day at Oldwalls Gower.

Oldwalls Gower Wedding Photography

You have likely posted on facebook something along the lines of “ Wedding photographer near me?” or “Recommendations for the best Oldwalls Gower wedding photographers?“. Before you know it you have 50+ comments and 10 unwanted private messages from photographers sharing their website and you feel immediately overwhelmed.

Sound Familiar?

There are more things to consider when choosing your perfect wedding photographer than what you may think. Keep scrolling to see all of these important details broken down step-by-step, for you to decide what type of wedding photographer you really want.

Before you continue scrolling, the most important factor to consider above everything else when choosing your dream wedding photographer is their personality. Let’s face it, its going to be a long day if you feel awkward around the person taking photos on one of the most important days of your life.

Thats why we offer complimentary meetings so that we can get to know each other and see if we are the right match for your special day.

Luxury Wedding Photography

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Wedding Photography Packages – Oldwalls Gower

We understand that not one package suits every wedding couple. Thats why we have created three luxurious wedding packages to suit everyone, with the further option to completely customise your wedding package and receive an individual quote from us.

The Keepsake

Best South Wales Wedding Photographer

The Complete Collection

South Wales Wedding Photographer

Ultimate Collection

Recent weddings at Oldwalls Gower

Feel free to take a look at some recent weddings we have photographed in Oldwalls Gower.

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