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A city rich in history, architecture and agricultural wonder, Cardiff is the perfect place to get married. The city is so diverse that you can have a traditional manner house wedding at one end of the city and an urban Cardiff elopement styled wedding at the other end.

Cardiff City is an amazing place to be a wedding photographer, with us regularly visiting this tremendous City to capture amazing couples wedding days. With over five years experience of capturing weddings in and around this amazing city we definitely know all of the best parts for Cardiff Wedding Photography.

1.Cathays Park

Cathays park is a perfect location for Cardiff Wedding Photography if you are looking for a more relaxed and peaceful walk through the Alexandra gardens.

It was once part of Cardiff Castles main grounds that owes its continued character to the 3rd Marquess of Bute. The gardens highlight all four seasons perfectly making it the perfect backdrop for your wedding all year round, as it harnesses the colours that match the season you got married in.

2.Royal Arcade Cardiff

For the more adventurous wedding couples, the Royal Arcade in Cardiff is the perfect sub-urban backdrop that provides endless opportunities for a creative wedding photographer.

Dating back to 1858, the Royal Arcade was given a new lease of life following investment and restoration by the Cardiff Arcade Company. It is now home to 27 unique stores that make for very interesting backdrops and moments on your Cardiff wedding day.

3.Llandaff Cathedral

Providing a more traditional yet equally beautiful backdrop, Llandaff Cathedral a harmonious blend of historic architecture in combination with breath taking grounds. Photographing wedding couples in the grounds of Llandaff fields is so much fun with us finding new and exciting spots to shoot in every time we visit there.

During the Blitz of the Second World War the Cathedral was severely damaged when a parachute mine was dropped onto the roof. The cathedral has had extensive work done to it since the second world war and it now stands as a breathtaking testament to the historical battles it has seen.

4.New Theatre Cardiff

Cardiff New Theatre is a quick and easy wedding photography location in Cardiff.

Designed by London Theatre Architects the new theatre opened its doors the the public in 1906. And it is these very doors that we love to utilise whilst taking a walk around Cardiff for those interesting and creative Cardiff Wedding Photographs.

This area of Cardiff does get very busy throughout the day so its best to head to this location as soon as possible after your wedding ceremony!

5.National Museum Cardiff

Cardiff Museum is an amazing wedding photography hot spot that we love to use if our wedding couples are having their wedding reception close by, as you can only photograph in front of the grandeur doors after it has closed for the day. That small walk over to have these photos is definitely worth it!

Founded in 1905 this monumental structure is now home to botany, fine and applied art, zoology and archaeology.

Why you should have a Cardiff Wedding

We hope you can see from the locations above that Cardiff has something to suit every kind of wedding. From traditional grounds in Cathays Park to more modern walks through the Arcades and streets of the city centre, Cardiff offers a plentiful supply of wedding photography opportunities.

If you fancy having a Cardiff wedding day then we would love to be alongside you to capture all of those amazing memories!

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