As an experienced South Wales Wedding Photographer we can be rather bias towards the importance of wedding photography and why you should invest in someone who is experienced and provides a fun and high quality service like us. You may have already read our blog on how to choose a wedding photographer and have clicked onto this blog to see why we are so important. If our amazing wedding photography and awesome wedding photography packages haven’t already convinced you then please keep scrolling, there’s a lot to cover.

Is wedding photography a priority?

“The Cake Gets eaten, the flowers will die but the photos will last forever”

You may have already begun your wedding planning by going to wedding fairs and speaking with reputable wedding suppliers. Florists, wedding dress suppliers, wedding decorators, cake makers the list goes on. All of these have probably already spoken to you and given loads of valid reasons why booking them is so important. Yes they are 100% right in what they are saying, if you have the budget then you should definitely invest in wedding suppliers with experience and good reviews.

However, we typically find that the wedding photographer is left until last to decide on and with only the remains of your budget. You need to be asking the question is wedding photography more important than some of the other suppliers mentioned above?

The saying above is so important to us as wedding photographers as your flowers will wilt, your beautiful wedding cake will get eaten but your wedding photos are the one and only thing that you can look back on to remind you of your wedding day.

Things to consider when choosing a wedding photographer…

Wedding Budget Efficiency

Does it really matter how much your wedding flowers were? or how much you spent on your guests food? will they even notice is the real question. Do you need to splash the cash on wedding invites and wedding favours? Is this something you could do cheaper by making it yourself with some inspiration from Pinterest? All of these things will cause negligible changes to your wedding day but will make a significant impact on your wedding photography budget.

Don’t leave your wedding photographer until last!

We are responsible for capturing those once in a lifetime memories on your wedding day, those moments shared between parents and grandparents, moments that will become part of your families story. Don’t compromise on the one thing that will allow you to relive those precious memories shared on your wedding day.

It is becoming far more common for us to see Facebook posts from couples desperately looking for a wedding photographer that fits into their compromised budget due to them leaving the photographer to last and going all out on the flowers and decorations. Potentially compromising on one of the most important parts to any wedding day, the part that will allow you to relive your wedding day for years to come.

Book ASAP!

As a popular South Wales wedding photographer, we are being booked up by amazing couples 2+ years in advance. If you take a look at our contact page you will see a chart of how full we are for the year you are getting married.

Night time wedding photos at Canada Lodge and Lake

Things you shouldn’t do whilst choosing your wedding photographer…

I have a friend with a camera

Not so much now, but in the earlier years of our photography career we often had couples mention their friend is coming to the wedding and that they have a camera. Now this has both pro’s and con’s that we discuss in more detail in our “should I ask my friend to bring their camera to my weddingblog. However, heres a quick summary of the pro’s and con’s:


  • Your friend isn’t insured
  • Your friend most likely lacks experience
  • Your friend most likely doesn’t have backup equipment
  • Your friend may feel stressed and obliged to help out
  • Your friend may not have any editing software
  • Your friend may not understand the difference between RAW and Jpeg
  • Your friend won’t have an album supplier
  • Your friend is your friend, you are inviting them to enjoy your day with you and not work for you


  • You will have a free photographer

They’re Cheap

We love a bargain! If you are anything like us then you probably look for discount codes on pretty much anything and have loyalty cards for every story. We get it, weddings are expensive and you want to ensure you stay within your budget as much as possible. You may have even searched for a cheap wedding photographer and already have looked at some of those who popped up.

There are many considerations to make when looking at a budget wedding photographer who will be capturing one of the most important days of your life. Don’t get us wrong, we all start somewhere and we love helping new photographers grow their skillsets and experience however this is about you and your wedding memories.

Being a cheap wedding photographer is most commonly because of several key reasons.

  • Minimal wedding photography experience
  • Lower grade wedding photography equipment
  • Reduced photography skillset
  • Less reviews from previous wedding couples

PLEASE NOTE! These are common themes amongst the cheaper end wedding photographers. This isn’t to say you won’t be able to find an absolute gem of a wedding photographer for £200 but the odds are very slim. So if you are really passionate about having jaw dropping images then maybe consider allocating a bit more of your wedding budget towards a higher end and therefore more expensive wedding photographer.

They are “pretty” good

Think we will just leave the quote we opened this blog up with by here…

“The Cake Gets eaten, the flowers will die but the photos will last forever”

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