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Cardiff Wedding Photography Packages

You have begun your wedding planning journey, your wedding venue is booked and the date is set in stone. Now you begin the task of searching for your dream Cardiff Wedding Photographer and are probably already overwhelmed by the amount of us! (Probably how you have ended up on this blog!).

If you haven’t already please checkout our blog on how to choose your dream wedding photographer as this will allow you to firstly choose a style that suits you and also the type of wedding photography coverage you are after for your Cardiff wedding day. But If you have already chosen a style and are looking for a relaxed documentary Cardiff Wedding Photographer, then you are in the right place.

Cardiff Wedding Photography Prices

How much do wedding photographers cost in Cardiff?

There are several factors which go into a Cardiff wedding photographers prices which will ultimately effect your decision making when choosing the perfect wedding photographer in Cardiff.

In this blog we will go through the questions you should be asking yourself when looking at Cardiff Wedding photographers and how the answer can impact on the price of that photographer. Keep scrolling until the end where we will talk about hidden costs that you may have with your Cardiff Wedding Photographer.

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How many photos will I get from my wedding photographer?

This is probably one of if not the most important question you should be asking when looking for your Cardiff Wedding Photographer. Your parents more than likely had their photos taken on film and are used to having only a select few from their wedding day. With the progression of digital cameras however, it has become the norm for wedding photographers to deliver between 500-1000 edited images from your Cardiff wedding day.

However, some wedding photographers have a limit on the amount of edited images they deliver within their packages with the option for their wedding couples to purchase more if they so wish. Other wedding photographers work on the basis of a checklist system whereby you select what photos you want captured e.g., cake cutting, first kiss etc. and they will design a custom package for you.

With us however, we want to keep things simple and will capture your whole day and provide you with a minimum of 400 edited images and have no limits on the amount we deliver. The amount of wedding photos delivered depends solely on what happened on your wedding day and how long your wedding day was. On average we deliver 800 edited photos to our wedding couples who book us for whole day coverage.

Will I get all the photos from my wedding day?

You probably noticed the word “edited” in the above question. Cardiff wedding photographers will more than likely take 1000’s of images during your Cardiff wedding. Then we go through the task of culling the best ones to edit and deliver to you. The beauty of digital wedding photography is that we can capture several images from one moment. Then we choose the best image out of that moment and deliver it to you after post-processing.

However, some Cardiff Wedding Photographers do offer the couple the option to have all RAW images from your wedding day. We personally do not offer this service as we do not restrict the amount of photos we edit and deliver. Therefore no moment is missed and we want you to have the highest quality and style correct wedding photos to cherish from your special day. You would have booked us due to our photographic and editing style, which is not perfectly reflected in RAW images.

How long does a wedding photographer stay for?

Let’s talk about Cardiff Wedding Photography Coverage. The price of a Cardiff Wedding Photographer will vary massively due to the allocated coverage they offer. Some have time limits with the norm being 7 hours. Above that, wedding couples are expected to pay an additional hourly rate which is typically between £150-300 per hour.

However, some Cardiff wedding photographers, including ourselves have no time limits and will not be whipping out a credit card machine when 7 hours is up asking you to pay for additional coverage. This is a very important thing to consider when choosing your Cardiff Wedding Photographer as their price may increase dramatically if you wanted more hours of your wedding day covered.

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Whats included with my Cardiff Wedding Photographer?

Finally let’s talk about wedding photography products and packages.

We have all been sat in mum’s front room looking through her wedding album and thinking about what yours will look like when you finally tie the knot. But not all wedding photographers offer wedding albums as standard or at all in some cases.

It’s understandable though, we live in a digital era where everyone views everything on their phones and/or tablets. So we get why some Cardiff Wedding Photographers don’t include wedding albums at all.

Wedding photography is an art and we personally believe that there is no better way to display our art than through print. That is why each and everyone of our wedding packages comes with a printed product as standard. Our goal is to remove all distractions whilst looking back on your special day and the only way to do that is through print.

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Hidden Cardiff Wedding Photography Costs

  • Extra Mileage : Some photographers will charge for travel beyond a certain distance
  • Extra Prints : Expect to pay more for extra printed products so if that’s important to you make sure to factor it in to your wedding budget
  • Extra Coverage : Check to see how many hours your Cardiff Wedding Photographer includes as standard
  • Extra edited images: See how many edited images you will receive included in your wedding package

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