When you are choosing your wedding photographer you may see terms being thrown around including candid, documentary, creative, artistic, editorial etc. When all you were looking for is a wedding photographer to capture your special day and now are more confused than what you were to start with.

This blog is designed to look into what the true definition of a documentary wedding photographer is and if it is the right style of photography for your wedding day.

What is documentary wedding photography?

A style that has become far more common amongst professional wedding photographers and one which we ourselves define our style as being. It isn’t the kind of documentary style that you would see on Blue Planet however and you definitely won’t see us hiding in a tree on your wedding day.

Documentary wedding photography embraces the true emotion on a wedding day without any of the posing that you may feel awkward doing and feeling uncomfortable thinking about prior to your wedding day. We blend in with your guests, capturing moments that you didn’t even know had happened and which weren’t staged (this is the true definition of candid photography).

Being in the moment

The reason you won’t find us hiding in bushes is because we want to capture those precious in the moment memories that you share with loved ones on your big day. When your daughter is looking up at your wedding dress, dreaming about being a princess just like mum. The moment your nan gives you a kiss on the cheek to congratulate you following your ceremony.

We want to be there to capture these candid moments without intervention and just simply capturing those in the moment memories.

No posing!

Let’s face it, the last time most of us have had a professional photo taken was our end of year school photo. You know… the one where there were massive lights, everyone staring and some guy telling your to look this way and smile. Its no wonder that we all feel awkward being in front of the camera when that’s our last memory.

Documentary photography removes this stigma and focuses on shared moments between you and your partner. We take an approach of gently guiding our couples into moments by keeping you moving and playing interactive games that will get you both laughing and feeling relaxed.

Best documentary wedding photographer

If you have got to the end of this blog and love the sound of documentary wedding photography then please feel free to get in touch to arrange a chat with us. We would love to hear about all of your wedding day plans and how we can be there to capture those precious moments in a candid/ documentary style.

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