5 wedding Reception Entertainment ideas

November 12, 2020

We have been lucky enough to work with some fabulous suppliers and vendors across the wedding industry and it’s always a pleasure to work with like-minded people who want to make your wedding day one to remember.

We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite suppliers that we feel really add to your wedding day in their own unique way – whether they provide a moment for you to truly treasure, entertain your guests or feed your wedding party (and photographers….. WE LOVE FOOD! ) with delicious treats, they’re all in our good books.

1. Releasing Doves

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Lynne and Rod from Lovey Dovey on several occasions over the last few years and it’s always lovely to get to see their beautiful doves and displays. Lynne writes a speech unique to you and your wedding so you and your partner can release doves for your own special reason – whether it be to celebrate the day you said ‘I do’ or remember a loved one who can no longer be with you on your day, it’s a beautiful and personal addition to your wedding.
You can find Lovey Dovey UK The Dove Release Specialists in Wales on facebook or via their website https://www.loveydoveyuk.com/

2. Singing Waiters

When we first heard that one of our couples had booked singing waiters, we couldn’t wait to see the surprise on people’s faces. Silver Service Singers – Singing Waiters certainly didn’t disappoint and watching the surprise unfold in the Exchange Hotel as guests waited for their dessert was certainly worth the wait. Hannah and Stephens (See more here) wedding at The Coal Exchange Hotel was a perfect example of the guys in action, with a brilliant sketch of the “waiter” falling over. Well… the guests reaction was absolutely priceless, with their humble and kind hearts running to the waiters rescue to find him taking a microphone from the ice bucket and breaking into the classic Mr Brightside!

Guests were up on their feet, dancing and singing and there was even a conga line of all of Hannah and Steve’s guests. We bopped along to their music and were pretty sad when it was time to stop dancing to the live singers. But it wasn’t before one more dance/singalong to the epic Shake Your Tail Feather.

Singing waiters are the perfect surprise for your partner or perhaps you’re a guest who would like to surprise the bride and groom? It’s a guaranteed way to get everybody ready for the evening disco!

@Silver Service Singers – Singing Waitershttps://silverservicesingers.com/

3. Bubbles

Thats right! Bubbles are on the top 5 list, designed. to provide entertainment for the kids but quickly becomes a brilliant laugh for the adults. Not only is it endless fun but its also extremely cheap and a fantastic alternative to confetti. Lorraine and Jeffs wedding at Lanelay Hall is a brilliant example of bubbles being used as a great source of entertainment.

4. Food Glorious Food

It’s no secret, we just love food and who can resist a foodie addition to your evening? We say to all of our couples that we will be first in line for the buffet, sweet cart, chocolate fountain you name it we will be front of the queue. As we are both your photographers and food quality assurancers… (any excuse to tuck in haha).

We’ve been lucky enough to sample a few of the delights offered by suppliers including The Crepe Escape, Bellas Hog Roast, Miniyaki’s and we look forward to taste testing even more delicious treats in the future.

5. Add some Magic to your big day

What a perfect way to capture your imagination than with a magician? Stuart from @StuartWatkinsMagician is fantastic for creating those jaw dropping and mind puzzling moments that we love to capture. Providing both comical value and truly professional magic which is all caught on a first person view go pro camera strapped to his chest. We have been so baffled ourselves on how those rubber ducks and cards just vanish and re-appear! Stuart is fantastic for all ages, teaching children how to perform some magic themselves to show off to their parents.

We cannot wait to see what entertainment we get to see at our future weddings and we hope to see all the above vendors again! We hope you found this short blog useful and liked some of the moments captured. Please feel free to checkout the rest of our website and get in touch with us to have a chat about your big day (Contact Us) see you soon!

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