Cardiff City Hall Wedding

Maria and Marek came to us at the start of 2020 looking to have a big family wedding at The Barn at Brynich. Unfortunately the virus had other plans and resulted in Maria and Marek’s wedding being abandoned for a smaller wedding.

Following the government guidelines, they decided to get married in the best way possible. They decided on a smaller, more intimate wedding at Cardiff City Hall, followed by a small reception at the Jury’s Inn.

Decide for yourselves, but we are so happy the couple decided Cardiff City Hall, as the focus was purely on them and their most immediate family. The couple were so happy and we think that shows in the constant joy in their faces, we were so delighted to capture those moments.

Start of the day

The day started in a non-traditional manner due to COVID-19 guidelines, with us not being able to photograph bridal prep. We met with Marek outside Cardiff City Hall with his sons and we decided to make best of the situation and do a small groom prep “Take your jacket off and put it back on” and “Walk towards and nudge each other guys.

First Look

We also decided that a first look was essential for this couples wedding photos, as they had to enter the building together. The photos capture this couples love for one and other, even Lauren started tearing up. Maria looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress and Marek’s reaction just highlights his love for her.


After a very quick yet emotional ceremony, we took the married couple for a walk around Cathays Park. The scenery around the park is stunning and we utilised every inch of it. With a creative use of autumnal leaves to perfectly frame the couple. We took a quick detour to the law courts to use the pillars for some light and airy wedding photos.

Couple Portraits

Here comes our favourite part… they wanted to go on the carousel in Cardiff City Centre, to which Oliver nearly screamed with excitement! We had the whole ride to ourselves thanks to the supervisor of the ride. The photos are absolutely stunning and the clapping and cheering from the shoppers was truly a moment to remember. Definitely worth the mild vertigo Oliver had afterwards haha.

The Reception

Then it was time for the reception at the Jury’s Inn, where their immediate family celebrated the couples marriage in the best way they could. Even had a brilliant game of Mr & Mrs, Marek was definitely wrong on who does all the cleaning! It was the end to a fantastic day but Oliver wasn’t leaving without taking the couple back to that carousel all lit up. The photo was definitely worth it.

This is only Part 1 to a 2 part wedding, with their original plans being moved to 2022. We look forward to seeing the couple again at The Barn at Brynich next year.

Kind Words

” Oliver and Lauren are fantastic, they become part of the family. Their communication is spot on, making sure you get what you want out of the day and ready for it all. They capture the most beautiful shots, thing you just don’t see. I am so pleased they did our lockdown wedding and can’t wait to see what out 2022 blessing will hold. Thank you both for part 1, cant wait for part 2!!! “

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